Application Notes


Note: Although most of these tips were written for HomeVision, most apply
to HomeVision-Pro and HomeVision-PC as well.

Trouble-Shooting Tips

bulletSolutions for common problems and answers to common questions

Hardware Assistance

bulletUsing the Sylva IO-8O8I-U boards with HomeVision (PDF format)
bulletInterfacing HomeVision to security systems (PDF format)
bulletUsing analog temperature sensors  (alternative PDF format)
bulletUsing a rain/water sensor  (alternative PDF format)
bulletUsing a rain gauge  (alternative PDF format)
bulletUsing SmartLinc probes   (alternative PDF format)
bulletUsing the Xantech 791-40 IR connecting block   (alternative PDF format)
bulletUsing the Buffalo Electronics IR connecting block
bulletUsing Elk sensitive relays  (alternative PDF format)
bulletUsing the Stanley Status Indicator Module
bulletWiring tips
bulletFor handicapped individuals: Using a "puff and sip" switch with HomeVision (PDF format). Download example schedule here.
bulletControlling non-X10 lighting systems by using the "custom lighting" feature

Automation Tips

bulletWeb server:
bulletWeb server tips (PDF format)
bulletHere's a simple example of a custom web page that you could create to control your home
bulletVideo system:
bulletUsing the video menu system (PDF format)
bulletDisplaying messages on your TV  (alternative PDF format)
bulletCreating custom video screens
bulletAutomatically display a pop-up video camera on your TV  (alternative PDF format)
bulletX-10 debugging tips (PDF format)
bulletUsing X-10 lighting "scenes"   (alternative PDF format)
bulletDetermining status of two-way X-10 modules (PDF format)
bulletRestoring X-10 lights to their prior level   (alternative PDF format)
bulletSerial interface:
bulletTips for using the serial interface (PDF format)
bulletDebugging serial communications with other devices (PDF format)
bulletDetermining whether it's a holiday  (alternative PDF format)
bulletUses for temperature information  (alternative PDF format)
bulletReceiving infrared remote sequences  (alternative PDF format)
bulletHome theater automation (PDF format)
bulletSending a FAX with HomeVision  (alternative PDF format)
bulletBatch file for sending an e-mail from HomeVision or HomeVision-Pro (download zip file)

Using HomeVision With Other Software

bullet Transmitting IR signals from HAL2000
bulletLoading >255 IR signals (application note and Visual Basic software)

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bulletComparing PC-based and stand-alone home automation systems (alternative PDF format)
bulletSoftware interfacing to HomeVision
bulletSome things you can do with HomeVision
bulletSchedule debugging tips  (alternative PDF format)
bulletUses for transmitting serial data
bulletDetails on how HomeVision operates, particularly as related to timers and other time-related events (PDF format)


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