Non-X10 Lighting Systems



Some users would like to use HomeVision or k/HVCBUS.htm">UKUSA Consulting for more information)

bulletINSTEON devices (see this web page for more information)
bullet Z-Wave devices (see this web page for more information)


Custom Lighting System Usage

Once the lighting control is set up, HomeVision will provide the following capabilities:

Use the HomeVision software, web browser, or other PC software to control the lights and read status
bulletDefine and name up to 255 lights
bulletView a TV screen showing the light status and allowing them to be controlled
bulletCheck the current light status in If-Then conditions

The software will provide the following commands (although some lighting systems may not support all of these):

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bulletLight ## off
bulletLight ## on
bulletLight ## toggle
bulletLight ## brighten XX times
bulletLight ## dim XX times
bulletLight ## to level XX at rate YY
bulletLight ## to level in variable XX at rate YY
bulletLight ## select scene XX
bulletLight ## refresh (command light to whatever level controller currently thinks light is at)
bulletLight ## put current level into variable XX
bulletLight ## set state to OFF
bulletLight ## set state to ON at level XX
bulletLight ## set state to ON at level in variable XX
bulletLight ## set state to ON at unknown level
bulletLight ## set state to UNKNOWN
bulletSet state of current light to OFF
bulletSet state of current light to ON at level in variable XX

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