Z-Wave Lighting



Several companies make products that support the Z-Wave communications protocol. It is possible to use these devices with HomeVision and HomeVision-Pro versions 3.4 and higher.  This is done using the "custom lighting" feature added in version 3.4. Note that the Z-Wave support is currently in beta testing.


Requirements for Use

You must have the following to use the Z-Wave devices:

bulletA vizia rf + “Plug-In Serial Interface Module”, model VRC0P-1LW (or equivalent). This device is referred to as the SIM.
bulletAn unused HomeVision or HomeVision-Pro serial port to connect the SIM to.  For HomeVision, the use of an add-on HomeVision-Serial or HomeVision-Phone/Serial device is strongly recommended.  For HomeVision-Pro, ports 3 or 4 are recommended, although a HomeVision-Phone/Serial add-on device can also be used. Note that the current Z-Wave implementation transmits serial data to the SIM, but doesn’t receive data from the SIM. Receiving data requires that the serial port’s “DTR” line be tied be to 5V, which the HomeVision and HomeVision-Pro serial ports do not do. If you wish to modify the macros to receive or be able to use the HomeVision Terminal Emulator to receive data from the SIM, Contact Custom Solutions, Inc. to obtain a serial port that can support the SIM or read instructions in the file below for modifying an existing port.
bulletHomeVision or HomeVision-Pro version 3.4 or higher.  This requires both a version 3.4 PROM installed in the unit, as well as the 3.4 PC software.
bulletThe HomeVision schedule file “Z-Wave.haf”. The schedule file contains pre-written Z-Wave macros. One of the “Control Macros” will run whenever a Z-Wave command is performed. The macros perform the serial interface commands needed to communicate with the SIM.  These files are provided by Custom Solutions, Inc. and are available below.


Download Instructions and Required Files

You can download all the Z-Wave information in this single zipped file:

    z-wave.zip (dated 7 May 2009)

There are five files inside the compressed file, three of which you can also view without downloading:

bullet"Z-Wave", which describes how to use the Z-Wave devices with HomeVision and HomeVision-Pro.
bullet"Custom Lighting", which describes how the custom lighting feature works.  This is provided for additional information - it isn't necessary for you to read this.
bullet"rzc0p ascii interface.pdf", which describes the serial communications protocol used by the Z-Wave SIM. This is provided for additional information - it isn't necessary for you to read this.
bullet“HomeVision serial port modifications for Z-Wave.pdf”, which contains instructions for modifying a serial port to support the Z-Wave SIM.
bullet“Z-Wave.haf”, which is a schedule file that contains the macros you'll need to copy into your own schedule.


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