Hardware Versions


HomeVision and HomeVision-PC Hardware Versions

Up through early 1998, the HomeVision and HomeVision-PC part numbers (located on the bottom of the enclosure) were as follows:

bulletHomeVision : 1203A
bulletHomeVision-PC : 1303A

In early 1998, both circuit boards were modified slightly to Revision C. The new part numbers are:

bulletHomeVision : 1203C
bulletHomeVision-PC : 1303C

The main changes with the newer Revision C boards are as follows:

bulletA 75 Ohm resistor was placed in series with the infrared output jack. This prevents a short on the output from damaging or shutting down the controller.
bulletVariable resistors VR1 and VR2 have been replaced by high-precision fixed resistors. The resistors are used to set the video signal level. If you have a newer board, ignore the owner’s manual section that discusses adjusting the variable resistors.
bulletOne of the two infrared receivers was replaced with a higher-performance device. This receiver is only used when learning signals when the "learn carrier frequency" option is enabled. The new receiver has improved range, meaning you don’t have to hold your remote as close to HomeVision (or HomeVision-PC).
bulletFour mounting holes were added to the circuit board to simplify installation in a custom enclosure.
bulletRevision C boards support a larger PROM memory chip.  As a result, the older Rev A boards cannot support any PROM newer than version 3.3.  Thus, they cannot use the new United States daylight savings time start and end dates that begin in 2007.  In addition, the 3.3 and older PROMs do not support GE (CADDX) NetworX serial (RS-232) security systems or the DS18S20 digital temperature sensors.


The newer Revision C boards use a different PROM than the older boards. PROMs for the new boards are labeled with the letter "C" as a prefix to indicate this. PROMs without the letter "C" prefix are intended for the older boards. Using the wrong PROM will result in incorrect controller operation.  When you upgrade to a new software/firmware version, please let us know which board you have so we can send you the correct PROM.


HomeVision-Pro Hardware Versions

There is only one HomeVision-Pro hardware version.


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