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Damaged Units

Although the HomeVision products are proven to be extremely reliable, they can be damaged by high voltages. Every year a number of HomeVision units are damaged by lightning strikes. Occasionally, a user may incorrectly connect a device to HomeVision and damage an input/output port. These are just about the only reasons HomeVision ever fails. In these cases, the user can usually fix the problem himself by replacing the damaged integrated circuit chip(s). These chips are in sockets and are easy to replace. Our troubleshooting web page explains how to isolate most failures to the faulty chip. Once you know which chip is faulty, you can obtain one from a variety of sources (see this page for more details).

You may also return the unit to us for repair. Please contact us by phone (321-726-8864) or e-mail ( for instructions.

Standard Repair Prices

Following are the standard prices we charge for repairs.  In unusual circumstances, the actual price could vary somewhat.
bulletMinimum charge: $50 (applies when fully testing a unit and no problem is found)
bulletTypical minor repair: $60 (when one or two parts are replaced, which is the most common repair when lightning damage occurs)
bulletExtensive repair: $75 to $200 (depending on amount of damage); could be higher for HomeVision-Pro
bulletComplete IC chip replacement: $125 for HomeVision and $175 for HomeVision-Pro

Shipping charges are extra. We ship via FedEx two-day service unless you specify overnight service. Two-day service is typically about $15. Overnight is typically about $25.  Shipping charges outside the United States are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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