Internet Access


The HomeVision and HomeVision-Pro software contains a built in web server. This allows web browsers to control HomeVision. The HomeVision Web Server provides several capabilities:

bulletTurns your computer into a web server that serves files to web browsers.
bulletCan be accessed by any web browser. The browser can be on the same PC as HomeVision, on another PC on a network within your home, or anywhere in the world (if you have an Internet connection to your home PC).
bulletCan automatically create web pages showing HomeVision status.
bulletCan insert HomeVision status and control objects into custom web pages you create.

You can view examples of the built-in web pages on-line.  Note that the buttons on the right-hand page won't operate because this is only a demo, but the index on the left-hand side does work.  Go here to view the example pages.

The HomeVision software also provides a "Remote Internet Access" capability.  It allows you to run the HomeVision software on any PC, and communicate with a HomeVision unit connected to another PC. This allows you to program the controller from any PC.  This feature is described in detail in the HomeVision and HomeVision-Pro owners manuals.

Finally, we have a Flash movie that can run in a web browser and can control HomeVision and HomeVision-Pro. This provides a fancier graphical interface than the standard web pages.  See this page for details.


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