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HomeVision "Movie" for Web Browser Control

Borg Displays, formerly Convergent Living and CorAccess Systems, (http://borgdisplays.com/Companion.html) makes a series of color touchscreens named Companion that can be used with HomeVision and HomeVision-Pro.  The touchscreens work by running a “movie” written in Flash (http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/).  The movie provides the display screens by which users can control their home.

We have now developed a modified version of this movie that can run on a PC.  It can run within a web browser or in a Flash player.  It requires the HomeVision (or HomeVision-Pro) controller to be connected to a PC serial port and the HomeVision (or HomeVision-Pro) software (version 3.42 or higher) to be running on the PC.  The figures below show some of the screens:

   TS Main.jpg (33795 bytes)  TS HVAC.jpg (36593 bytes)

   TS Security zones.jpg (36374 bytes)  TS Password.jpg (31626 bytes)

   TS Lighting.jpg (36541 bytes)   TS Infrared.jpg (33702 bytes)

   TS Macros.jpg (35016 bytes)   TS Variables.jpg (35541 bytes)


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Download Flash Movie

This zipped file contains the flash movie plus documentation for using it on a PC:

    HV_Movie_103.zip (file size =801KB, dated 31 January 2007)

This movie requires the Macromedia Flash Player (version 5 or higher), which you can download here http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/alternates/.


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