HomeVision-PC Software


Download Latest Released PC Software (Version 2.62c)

The complete installation program is provided in this file:

    HVPC_262c.zip   (file size = 2.2MB)

Unzip the file and place the two extracted files into a single directory. Then run the file "Setup.exe" to install the HomeVision-PC application. After the installation is complete, you can delete the setup files.

If you want to get just the documentation, please go here.

Software Version Information

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Release Date


2.51 Beta

3 September 1997

Beta release


3 November 1997

First official release


1 March 1998

New PC software (2.61) and PROM (2.6) with several changes:
bulletAdded X-10 commands to set the new X-10 lamp and appliance modules (LM14A and AM14A) and Leviton 6381 modules directly to a level without going to full brightness first. This feature requires the version 2.6 or later PROM.
bulletMade several changes to improve performance for international users. These improvements function even when using older version 2.5 PROMs.


13 December 1998

Software-only upgrade with several changes:
bulletSupport lighting "scenes" with newer X-10 LM14A and Leviton 6381 switches
bulletAdd a "Most Recently Used" files list to the File menu
bulletAdd a "New IR Signal" button to the IR Learn screen to create a new signal without leaving the IR Learn screen


14 January 1999

Software-only change to correct bug when running on certain versions of Windows.  Bug causes "Error activating splash screen" when program first starts.


1 April 2000

Software-only change to correct a bug whereby object names might sometimes be improperly downloaded into the controller. This would cause names to be displayed as "0000000000000000".


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Last updated:
01 October 2013