HomeVision (and HomeVision-Pro) can display caller ID information on your television screen, as shown to the right. There are two ways to do this:
  1. With a HomeVision-Phone/CID device connected to HomeVision; or
  2. Through your computer.

With the first method, HomeVision-Phone/CID includes everything you need.    However, the second method requires the following:

bulletThe HomeVision controller must be connected to a computer (via a serial cable).
bulletThe computer must be running a special version of the HomeVision software.
bulletA caller ID device must be connected to a computer serial port (see our hardware page for a listing of compatible devices).

To use this method, you must obtain the special HomeVision software directly from Custom Solutions, Inc. There is a $15 charge for this software to cover patent licensing costs. To obtain this, you can contact us via e-mail (csi@csi3.com), phone (321-726-8864), or by mail at:

   Custom Solutions, Inc.
   1705 Canterbury Drive
   Indialantic, FL 32903

If you use HomeVision-Phone/CID, you do not need this special software version.


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01 October 2013

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