International Versions

HomeVision, HomeVision-Pro, and HomeVision-PC are all available in international versions. However, there are several issues to consider when using these outside the United States, as highlighted below.

Video Format

The international HomeVision, HomeVision-Pro, and HomeVision-PC versions video output follows the PAL format (versus NTSC for the standard versions).

AC Power

Many countries use 220-250V/50Hz power instead of 110V/60Hz as in the United States. Using HomeVision, HomeVision-Pro, and HomeVision-PC on such power (which we'll simply refer to as 220V) requires changing two components:

bulletPower transformer. HomeVision and HomeVision-PC require a 9VDC, 300mA minimum (500mA preferred) transformer (power supply). The connector should be a plug with a female 2.0 or 2.1mm center hole, with the center being the positive voltage and the outside ground. HomeVision-Pro requires a regulated 12VDC, 1.5A power supply (with a similar connector or bare wires).
bulletTW-523 or similar module to interface to the power line. The TW7223, XM10E (with Euro 2 Pin Plug), and XM10U are 220V versions of the TW-523.

When you purchase HomeVision, HomeVision-Pro, or HomeVision-PC from a distributor, be sure to ask for the 220V version of these items. If you need to, you can obtain a 220V TW-523 module from:

bulletLet's Automate: European distributor. Part number is 10728 (for XM10E) or 10215 (for XM10U)
bulletLaser Business Systems: European distributor. Part number is XM10E or XM10U
bulletWorthington Distribution: U.S. Distributor
bulletEON3: Australian Distributor. Part number is XM10

220V power transformers are available from many sources, including most of our distributors. However, you may prefer to obtain one from a source in your own country to ensure it has the correct AC power plug.

Note that the international (PAL video) HomeVision, HomeVision-Pro, and HomeVision-PC versions transmit X-10 signals using 50Hz AC power timing (versus 60Hz for the standard versions).   If you happen to need PAL video and 50Hz power, contact us directly to obtain a custom PROM chip.

Daylight Savings Time

HomeVision and HomeVision-Pro can automatically adjust its clock for daylight savings time.   When this feature is enabled, the adjustments take place as follows:

bulletDaylight savings starts at 2:00AM on the first Sunday in April
bulletDaylight savings ends at 2:00AM on the last Sunday in October

These dates and times are the United States standard.  Other countries may use have a different standard. HomeVision also supports the common European daylight savings start date of the last Sunday in March.

If your country uses different dates, you can disable the automatic daylight savings adjustment and change the clock manually.  Alternatively, HomeVision gives you the ability to adjust the clock within your schedule.   You can create scheduled events which run on the specific days daylight savings starts and stops and change the time accordingly in the event.

Regulatory Requirements


The products listed below are CE compliant and marked (marking begins 6 March 2002) for use in the European Community. A Declaration of Conformity is available upon request.

bulletHomeVision (NTSC and PAL versions)
bulletHomeVision-Pro (NTSC and PAL versions)
bulletHomeVision-PC (NTSC and PAL versions)  
bulletMultifunction Expansion Board
bulletPort Extender Board

The HomeVision-Phone devices are not CE marked. They were designed solely for the United States, and have not been tested to CE standards. Many users have successfully used HomeVision-Phone/Serial in many European countries, but we cannot guarantee its performance.  The caller ID portion of HomeVision-Phone/CID is unlikely to work in Europe due to the different standards.  Therefore, our distributors outside the United States do not normally carry it.

Please note that any duties your country may impose on imports is your responsibility.

Other Countries

Many other countries impose various requirements on selling or using electronics in their country. HomeVision has not been tested or verified to meet any such requirements outside of the United States and Europe. Therefore, the purchaser/user is responsible for compliance with the applicable laws. Custom Solutions, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability in such matters.

Our products have been used successfully in many countries. HomeVision, HomeVision-PC, HomeVision-Serial, the Multifunction Expansion Board, and the Port Extender Board should work fine in any country. HomeVision-Phone/Serial will probably work in most countries, but there may be some degraded functions in some countries.  For example, we've had a small number of reports of on/off hook status being inoperable. Also, the caller ID portion of HomeVision-Phone/CID is unlikely to work outside the United States.   Therefore, our distributors outside the United States do not normally carry it.

Please note that any duties your country may impose on imports is your responsibility.


The international HomeVision, HomeVision-Pro, and HomeVision-PC versions are available from these U.S. distributors: SmartHome and  Worthington Distribution. In addition, DigiHouse distributes them in Australia, Let's Automate, Laser Business Systems, and P5 kft distribute them in Europe, and Galaxy Tech Ltd. (972-58-391717, 972-54-542584, E-mail: distributes them in Israel

Product and Usage Information

Visit these sites for useful information:

bulletUK Home Automation
bulletHans Attersjo's home page
bulletLet's Automate (European distributor, +44-(0)20-8326 6649)
bulletLaser Business Systems (European distributor, +44 20 8441 7988)
bulletP5 kft (European distributor located in Hungary, +36 1 466 2576)
bulletDigiHouse (Australian distributor, 613 9596 8958 or 0414 379 079)


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